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I am an experienced academic with many years’ experience of supervising and marking dissertations. In addition I have many years of experience of private consultancy research, interviewing, analysing results of research and report writing.

Dissertation Tutor, 1-to-1 dissertation tutoring, guidance, reviewing, editing,feedback. UK University Dissertation marker, 100% student pass rate to date.

UK University Lecturer-over 25 years’ marking dissertations experience. 


How to Write the Methodology section of your dissertation

Qualitative analysis

Quantitative data

Case studies

Quantitative or Qualitative or Mixed methods?

Deductive or inductive?

Discourse Analysis?

Questionnaire design help

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UK University Dissertation marker, 100% student pass rate to date.

OPTION 1     Dissertation title: dissertation tuition in relation to deciding on a dissertation title or Dissertation topic area.

OPTION 2     Dissertation Proposal Tutor

OPTION 3     Dissertation Introduction, Literature Review section/research skills, Methodology, Results, Discussion and Analysis, Conclusion

OPTION 4     Health Sector dissertation systematic review

OPTION 5     Health Sector dissertation systematic review including primary research

OPTION 6     Health Sector dissertation systematic review including proposal for research

OPTION 7     Dissertation proposal or dissertation proofreading     

OPTION 8     Dissertation proposal or dissertation Pre Marking Reviewing/feedback: - Skype consultation, Editing, Proofreading, written feedback with comments on content development and Improvement. Aimed at improving the general quality of the work.

OPTION 9   Dissertation Re submission - a previously failed dissertation




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Dissertation Tutor retired UK University Dissertation examiner marker

Help, Guidance, Support Tuition, Proofreading, Editing and Reviewing

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