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72% Jac Master’s Dissertation Business Studies

“June offers a professional and very helpful support. I got a distinction with 72%. It was very hard for me as a foreign student but with June’s help and knowledge it was possible for me to write a very good dissertation. Without her I wouldn't have passed my dissertation. She was a big help for me a big big, big, big thank you. I can absolutely recommend her!!!! Thank you again! Your help and support made this happen” Jac 

70%    MBA (Master of Business Administration) Hi June Finally got my results today! Thank you so much for your help! Results are distinction of 70% for dissertation!!  Helen


70% Vee   MBA (Master of Business Administration)

“Hi June

Hope you are well, I thought I would just drop you an email and let you know I passed my MBA with a merit, I was totally surprised , I got 70% Thank you for all your help as I would not have been able to pass never a mind a merit. Hope you not working too hard. Thank you, Vee”

69% Master of Business Administration Antony


“Thank you so much. Got my P& D results and achieved a score of 69%.Thank you very much Kind regards Antony”


66% Trevor, a Business Masters’ student with a 15,000 words dissertation.

The student came to me for help with an almost finished dissertation. However, my opinion was that the existing dissertation was not of sufficient standard to pass therefore advice was to start again from the beginning. Student accepted this even though very little time left to submission.

“Hi June, Yes, I submitted my dissertation on time! There was definitely a time issue. In fact I rewrote everything in the last 4 weeks. I had my doubts that it would work out well as it was really finished under high time pressure - I uploaded the dissertation on Sunday night 23:55 - deadline was 23:59. So I worked until the last minute on it.  However, as it was in the beginning, before coming to you, it was all over the place and I’m pretty sure I would have failed with the work as it was. I thought there was a chance to pass after your guidance. I’ve got feedback from my University and the mark is a 66! Yes. I’m happy. 66 is a good mark even though I’m convinced with some more time and following your concept step by step it could even be better... Maybe the next time, in a PHD! Kind Regards from Tokyo Thanks again for your help and guidance! Trevor”


Evening June, Hope you are well and have rested well over summer.

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help through my dissertation, I received a mark of 65% which I was more than happy with and I wouldn't of been able to do it  without you. I graduated with a 2.1 with unfortunately 68.6% so very close to a 1st but you can't win them all I guess. As I said my sister is starting her 3rd yr. so if her or any friends need help I will be sure to pass on your details. Wish me luck job hunting!!!! Steve”


65% Business Undergraduate student   V. G

“Thank you very much June for helping me to write this dissertation, you have been absolutely brilliant.  I don't think I’d be able to finish it by myself. I felt so down about this work and you have really clarified it for me. I wish I had more tutors like you at my university. Kind regards V. G.”


60% Kay, Masters Business

“Dear June,
Hope this letter finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for your help and time. You have really helped me and without your help I am not so sure I could have completed my report on time and at this quality! I have received my final grade and I have passed everything including the dissertation/report. I have received B for it and I'm happy with it, for the time spent and emotions. Your help really attributed to the grade and also I have learnt from working in such an organised way. Hope everything is great! Once again thank you!!! Best regards, Kay”


Melanie Master’s Thesis Business Studies (before student came to me this work was a previously failed dissertation)

“June has a wealth of experience and was supportive in guiding me through a previously failed dissertation.  Her extensive knowledge of working within higher education settings means she knows exactly the standard that should be aspired to for dissertations to pass”.  Melanie