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Feedback from dissertation students  

Past Students' Marks achieved and Students' Testimonials:- Post Graduate  Masters level, PhD level,  Undergraduate degree, M.B.A


Students' Marks achieved/ Students' Testimonials



PhD Student Literature review help for 30,000 words of 100,000 word PhD

June helped me at a very difficult point in writing my PhD thesis. She gave me a new perspective and helped me to develop a much more effective approach to the literature and to the writing. Best wishes, Peter 


B.Sc. 85% Physiotherapy   2015 Undergraduate Student    - highest mark so far- Systematic Literature Review and quantitative /laboratory research 85%- lecturer stated dissertation publishable.


Hello, just want to say thanks to June for all her help. I didn't know where to start with this dissertation when I first received it and I was panicking. When I began my lessons with June she helped me structure and organise the dissertation this made it a lot easier for me. My final result was 85%. I am usually averaging 40-50 % for my essays so this was a big leap. Thank you June. I found my degree very challenging and found some lectures very difficult. I didn’t have the one to one support from University I needed so I felt that I needed extra tuition. I began searching the internet and I came across a lady called June who offered a tuition service for dissertations. After speaking to June I felt she could help me with the areas I was struggling in. I began my tuition lesions with June November 2014; she was a very polite lady and explained to me I had to put the work hard from the start so I agreed with her. After 4 weeks of lessons with June over SKYPE I really had a good understanding of the areas I was struggling in she highlighted many weaknesses from my presentation skills to my grammar. June was always available for me if I had any questions even the time when I rang her at 9am one Sunday morning when I was really stressed she was on her laptop straight away to give me some advice and guidance, she filled me with confidence in my subject area and I went on to pass my course with a 2.1. I qualified in July as a physiotherapist and the knowledge I have gained from June helps me every day. I was really grateful for the service she has provided me and I feel she has helped many others like myself. University can be a very stressful time and when you are lost and find it difficult to understand the subject area it was great to have a service that is trustworthy and reliable. M.



BSc 75% Social Work Undergraduate

Hi, June, Hope you're well? Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all your support with my dissertation; I got 75% and I'm more than pleased .I couldn't be more thrilled and relieved that it's over. Thanks again, Katherine


BSc 75%, Undergraduate Dissertation Nursing

Hi June, Just a quick email to say thank you so much for all of your help, I got my provisional grade back this evening, classified at 75%, so a first.  Needless to say I am very, very happy and relieved. Thank you June, you were a big help. Many thanks again,
Kind Regards, Geraldine


MSc 72% Master’s Dissertation Business Studies

June offers a professional and very helpful support. I got a distinction with 72%. It was very hard for me as a foreign student but with June’s help and knowledge it was possible for me to write a very good dissertation. Without her I wouldn't have passed my dissertation. She was a big help for me a big big big big thank you. I can absolutely recommend her!!!! Thank you again! Your help and support made this happen. Jac 


BSc 71%   Quantity Surveying Undergraduate Dissertation

Hi June, Just to let you know I had a 2.2 degree in Quantity Surveying. In the actual dissertation document I had a 2.1. I had a first in the written document (71%) very happy with the main body of it achieving 71%.Thanks again for all your help. Brian 


MBA 70%     Master of Business Administration

Hi June, I passed my MBA with a merit, I was totally surprised, I got 70% Thank you for all your help as I would not have been able to pass never a mind a merit. Thank you, Vee


MSc 70% Nursing Masters Dissertation 

Hi June. I hope that you are keeping well.  I just wanted to let you know that I was awarded 70 percent for my dissertation and obtained an overall distinction for my masters.  Thank-you again for all of your help and guidance I really appreciate it.  Kind regards Lary


BSc over 70% Geography Alex

Hi June, I hope you remember me! You helped me with my geography dissertation just before Christmas. I just got the results and feedback from my tutor and I got a 1st! He said the structure and literature review were very good and I would like thank you for helping me with those specific areas. Once again, thank you so much! Many thanks, Alex


MBA 69% Master of Business Administration 2016

Thank you so much. Got my P& D results and achieved a score of 69%.
Thank you very much. 
Kindregards Antony


MSc 68 % Journalism Master’s Student  

At first I was looking for someone to proofread my dissertation. When I found June, I knew I had found what I wanted. But more than proofreading, I got coaching. June was for me what sunshine is for people in winter. Thanks to her, my mark was greatly improved and I got my master degree with merit. I am so Thankful to June and her expertise. Don't look any further; you have arrived at what you are looking for.   I discovered this Dissertation help service which I found credible as I could see the face of the person behind it on its website. Being assured by the picture of the manager on the website, which was not the case of many others, I decided therefore to establish contact with her. I even became more assured when we spoke on Skype in order to iron out details of working and the planning of our meetings. Needless to say honesty there does not need to be proved. When I found June, and after we have exchanged, I knew I have found what I wanted: someone to proofread for me. But more than a proof-reader, I got a coach.  In her methodology, June explains what is expected of students and advices on what is relevant for the topic and of course address English writing. I had to work hard to achieve what I have achieved even though thanks to her my mark had greatly improved and I got my master degree with merit.  I am so Thankful to her and her expertise. Sai



BSc 67% Undergraduate Dissertation Geography

Hi June, I had a 67% from one marker and 68% from the other. Not really sure how it happened but thanks for the help cos I’m pretty sure I’d have failed without it! June you were a fantastic help. I started my dissertation a lot later than normal due to personal circumstances but still got a 2:1classification with a few sleepless nights and some excellent guidance from you, June. Thanks! Graham


BSc 65% Business Undergraduate student    

Thank you very much June for helping me to write this dissertation, you have been absolutely brilliant.  I don't think I’d be able to finish it by myself. I felt so down about this work and you have really clarified it for me. I wish I had more tutors like you at my university V. G.


Research proposal 65%

Dear June, Just wanted to notify you that my work was marked and I've just seen my mark. I got 65% on the Research proposal. For my first go at Research Proposal and given the time I had to do it I think it wasn't that bad. Anyway thanks for your help. A. 


BSc 65% Undergraduate Dissertation Business

Evening June, Hope you are well and have rested well over summer.

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help through my dissertation, I received a mark of 65% which I was more than happy with and I wouldn't have been able to do it  without you. I graduated with a 2.1 with unfortunately 68.6% so very close to a 1st but you can't win them all I guess.

MSc 62%   Master of Science in International Events Management

Hi June, hope you are doing well! I’ve just received my mark for my dissertation not long ago! I’ve got a 62 for it. Thank you once again for your gracious help and guidance throughout the work! Crystal

MSc 62% Master's level Human Resource Management

Dear June, I want to say a big thank you for seeing me through my dissertation.  I passed with 62% and I am very pleased. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been able to do it without your help.  I'm glad I took your instructions and made it. Kind regards, Lara


BSc 60% Social Work Undergraduate Dissertation

Hi June, I received support from you in late April - early May with my dissertation. I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to you for your utmost professional and much needed support with my Social Work dissertation.  Even though my support was mainly with structure and layout I found your help extremely helpful and I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated your input. Without applying for an extension I received my grade yesterday and I was awarded 60% for my work. I have strongly recommended your services to other students should they require assistance and support with their academic work and I will be embarking on a route to clinical psychology in September 2016 and I will certainly look forward with you when I start. Thank you again for your encouragement, guidance and professional advice relating to my work and I have no doubt that any student that approaches you for support will achieve their personal best within their work.  You support was worth every penny that I spent and I truly hope that you continue to help the many other students who are struggling with their degrees. Most kindest regards,   Aran


MBA 60% Masters Business Entrepreneurship and Management


Dear June, Hope this letter finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for your help and time. You have really helped me and without your help I am not so sure I could have completed my report on time and at this quality! I have received my final grade and I have passed everything including the dissertation/report. I have received B for it and I'm happy with it, for the time spent and emotions. Your help really attributed to the grade and also I have learnt from working in such an organised way. Hope everything is great! Once again thank you!!! Best regards, Kay


MSc Pass Master of Science Dissertation Construction

Having left my dissertation to the very last possible minute, June came to my rescue by very kindly providing the best advice and sound research. I can safely say were it not for June's professionalism and willingness to devote an inordinate amount of time to one student; I would not have passed my Master of Science. The Option that June provided is of the highest standard and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone that wants to do well in their educational qualifications. MARK



Students who had failed their dissertation before coming to me

Now successful Students who had a previously failed a dissertation before coming to me for dissertation tuition


MSc Master's Nursing Dissertation (student had failed her dissertation before coming to me for help)

Hallo June, just to thank you so much for your support during my dissertation, I wouldn't have made it without your support. I really appreciate all your support. I am glad it's done. Polly


MSc Melanie Master’s Thesis Business Studies (before student came to me this work was a previously failed dissertation)


June has a wealth of experience and was supportive in guiding me through a previously failed dissertation.  Her extensive knowledge of working within higher education settings means she knows exactly the standard that should be aspired to for dissertations to pass.  Melanie 


MSc Pass in Public Health and Health Promotion (student had failed her dissertation before coming to me)

How can Online Dissertation Tuition help you?

  • I  offer dissertation guidance, dissertation appraisal or dissertation editing service for most undergraduate and postgraduate subjects

  • I offer dissertation research guidance  and dissertation write-up guidance for undergraduate, Masters and PhDs

  • I provide valuable dissertation support and dissertation guidance enabling students to perform to the best of their abilities.

  • I offer High quality Dissertation  tuition via Skype online dissertation tutorials using Skype screen share for Dissertation documents

  • I can help with any previously failed dissertation, thesis, proposal


OPTION 1     Dissertation title: dissertation tuition in relation to deciding on a dissertation title or Dissertation topic area.

OPTION 2     Dissertation Proposal Tutor

OPTION 3     Dissertation Introduction, Literature Review section/research skills, Methodology, Results, Discussion and Analysis, Conclusion

OPTION 4     Health Sector dissertation systematic review

OPTION 5     Health Sector dissertation systematic review including primary research

OPTION 6     Health Sector dissertation systematic review including proposal for research

OPTION 7     Dissertation proposal or dissertation proofreading     

OPTION 8     Dissertation proposal or dissertation Pre Marking Reviewing/feedback: - Skype consultation, Editing, Proofreading, written feedback with comments on content development and Improvement. Aimed at improving the general quality of the work.

OPTION 9   Dissertation Resubmission - a previously failed dissertation


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